The Spartan Strength philosophy is centered around NOT buying a bunch of crap that you don’t need, but every once in a while I find something worthwhile.  It’s not very often, but it does happen.  When I find such a mystical, spectacular thing, I feel obligated to share my knowledge with you, loyal reader, so that you may share in the bounty of my experience.  I’m not affiliated with any of the products that I review, nor do I recieve anything for free, so you can rest assured that all my reviews are totally honest and unbiased.  After all, when a guy who writes a blog about NOT buying stuff tells you to buy something, he probably has a good reason. Remember: you don’t NEED anything to get in shape, my blog proves that.  A little floor space, an area to run your bad self are the only items necessary for a truly Spartan workout. Sometimes, though, a little bit of cash invested can go a long way towards improving the efficiency/quality of your workouts.  Also, sometimes you get a little bit of money back on your tax returns and you want to splurge on something fun for yourself.  If you find yourself wanting to buy something thats nots a total waste of your hard earned cashola, check out this list of things that are Spartan Approved:

Iron Gym door pullup bar

Convict Conditioning by “Coach” Paul Wade

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Walmart water shoes

If a listed item dosen’t link to my full review of why I like it so much, then you better beleive that I’m working on it.


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