Links of Interest

I know that Spartan Strength is like, your all-time favorite website, but come on. If this is the only website you go to then you are seriously missing out. There’s a lot of great sites out there run by even bigger health geeks than me. Some of them even do this stuff for a living! I encourage you to check out these awesome websites, because knowledge is a great thing, and the internet is full of it.

In no particular order:

Mark’s Daily Apple
Mark Sisson is the author of “The Primal Blueprint.”  TPB looks at health through the perspective of evolutionary biology. In a nutshell, we haven’t evolved much genetically since we were cavemen, so we should eat and exercise like cavemen because thats what we evolved to do (he does a much better job of explaining it than I did, so go out and buy the book). Mark’s Daily Apple is a huge archive of info about exercise and nutrition and a lot more. It also has a pretty active forum. Highly recommended!

Al Kavadlo’s “We’re Working Out!”
Al Kavadlo is a personal trainer and certified badass who lives in NYC. He can get a better workout on a playground than you could at Gold’s Gym. His site is chock full of exercise instruction and video demonstrations of him being a total beast. Watch and learn, grasshopper.

Beast Skills
Speaking of total beasts… Jim Bathurst is the guy from the photos in Convict Conditioning. That should tell you all you need to know, but if you have never heard of CC, then let’s just say that Jim is a handstand expert. No, scratch that. Jim is a handstand master. Don’t believe me? Check out Beast Skills for yourself. And bring a fresh pair of pants, you’ll need ’em.
Let me start by saying that bodybuilding is the LEAST Spartan thing I can think of. A bunch of sweaty bros grunting in a squat rack and getting off on their reflection is the kind of thing that motivated me to become a HOME fitness enthusiast. All that aside, bodybuilding is a big time sport and the guys who do it are as dedicated as anyone, and a LOT of research has been done by bodybuilders and their industry to learn the quickest and most effective ways to turn regular dudes into piles of veiny meat. This site is a library in itself with enough articles to keep you reading for weeks straight. Just stay away from the forums and the supplement store, lest ye be turned to the dark side.

Zen Habits
Okay, so this isn’t exactly “fitness” related, but Leo Babauta is smart as a whip and has the Spartan spirit when it comes to being a productive person. He even has quite a few posts about health and fitness, but the meat of the site is about making your life NOT a giant pile of worry and suck. Give it a read and see if Leo can’t streamline your daily routine a little bit. It was voted one of the best blogs of 2010 by TIME magazine, plus he answered an email I sent him once in 5 minutes. What a champ!


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